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Data sheet: Chaetodon semilarvatus

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Scientific Name: Chaetodon semilarvatus
Common Name: Blue-cheeked butterfly fish
Taxonomic Classification:
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Subclass: Neopterygii 
Order: Perciformes
Suborder: Percoidea
Family: Chaetodontidae
Genus: Chaetodon
Species: Semilarvatus
Description: It has a heavily compressed body at its sides. The muzzle is stretched. The dorsal fin covers all the back. The dorsal, anal and caudal fins are also yellow and blackened. It can reach 23 cm in length.
Coloration: The livery is yellow in color with 14 vertical bands. The species is characterized by a blue spot that extends from the eyes to the throat.
Behaviour: It lives in couples or in small groups of 10-15 specimens. Not very sociable fish, unsuitable for coexistence with reef fish of different races, may be aggressive with other Chaetodon, albeit of different color.
Sexual Dimorphism: Not established.
Habitat: Reef
Tips for breeeding:  It needs a large tank, as it swims willingly, but also needs shelter and hideout; with well filtered and aerated water. Low resistance to diseases, suffering from excessive nitrates and phosphates, therefore, high and constant temperatures are recommended, partial changes of water siphoning the bottom of the tank, ozone treatments, and regular addition of trace elements, garlic and vitamins. Not suitable for beginner  and aquariums with invertebrates.
Alimentation: It mainly feeds on microfauna of the substrates and other small invertebrates, but especially on coral polyps, with particular preference for soft corals.
Diffusion: It’s a kind of endemic butterfly fish from the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.
Swimming ability: Low
Difficulty: Difficult
Reproduction: Reproduction is not collective but is handled by the single couples. His eggs are pelagic. Reproduction not currently verified in captivity.
Risk of extinction:  Minimum
Status iucn3.1 LC it.svg
Felice Panico
Acquariofilo dall'età di 10 anni con esperienza in acquariologia dolce,marina e salmastra, appassionato di immersioni subacquee e di microscopia.

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